Business Hours


I am open to take appointments during these business hours below:

  • 6pm - 4am, Mon to Sun



New Friends


I will always require 3 hours prior notice BEFORE of your desired visit time.

That’s a 3 hour Prior Notice MIMIMUM for New Friends.


The "Right Now" Thing


If you are wanting the “right now” thing as I’ve dubbed it, I DO NOT take any “right now” visits. To respect my time or the person I may be spending time with at the moment, I will not just “drop everything” and do “right now”



It’s NOT About “My” Availability, It’s About “Yours”


I’m available during the times stated above. When contacting me give me a date and a time frame that YOUR schedule is open. “I can meet on Monday between 8-11PM” .…this is way more effcient than others. That gives me an idea of what you are needing and I can go from there and answer you quickly.


Things can NOT be ran smoothly like this while running a business. Things have to be ran with organization in order to be able to work with everyone else schedules.